Goals for the MPFI

Dr. Rogge developed the MPFI in collaboration with Dr. Kelly Wilson and Jaci Rolffs. We specifically wanted to create the first scale to comprehensively assess the 6 key dimensions of flexibility and 6 key dimensions of inflexibility from the Hexaflex model.

Developing the scale

We created an item pool of over 550 items (including 22 of the most widely used scales from the ACT and mindfulness literatures) and gave those items to over 3000 online respondents. We then identified 12 dimensions of flexibility and inflexibility corresponding to the Hexaflex model and selected the 5 most effective items for assessing each dimension to create the MPFI.

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Clinical Utility of the MPFI

The MPFI offers clinicians and therapists a method of objectively assessing individual clients to identify the areas in which they are especially flexible and the areas in which they find themselves being rigid and inflexible.

We believe that therapists will be able to use this information to help guide the course of their work with clients - taking advantage of relative areas of flexibility and targeting areas of inflexibility.

Clinicians will also be able to track meaningful change over time in flexibility with the MPFI, gaining insights into some of the factors associated with treatment response and/or resistance.

Next Steps...

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