Our Approach

We want to create an ongoing service for the ACT and Mindfulness communities that provides psychological flexibility profiles for clinicians using ACT and mindfulness-based interventions.


The MindFlex assessments will provide objective and standardized information on the dimensions of the Hexaflex model targeted in ACT as well as a number of dimensions of individual functioning (e.g., depressive symptoms, anxiety symptoms, vitality, life satisfaction).

All of this is packaged within an online assessment that will take only 15-20 minutes of a client's time and which will be distilled into an easy-to-understand graphic profile for therapists.

A Hexaflex Compass

We hope that these profiles will serve as compasses for treatment, highlighting the strengths and challenges that individual clients bring into therapy, thereby helping clinicians more effectively target areas of need in their work with those clients.

As the profiles can also be used to objectively track change over time, we hope they will also give therapists greater insight into the impact of their treatment on clients.

Our Story

This project is being conducted by Dr. Ron Rogge at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Rogge's Lab Website

Dr. Rogge's Faculty Website

The project is being funded by a generous grant internal to that university. It represents a non-profit effort to help enhance the quality of therapy being offered to clients.

More specifically, we want to take a newly developed an innovative scale focused on ACT principles (the MPFI) and make it easy to use and interpret for a wide range of therapists and clinicians. Thus, this research project is focused on developing the MindFlex assessment service.

During the MindFlex Assessment Project, this service and the associated profiles will be offered completely free of charge to the ACT and Mindfulness communities. Once the service has been fully developed, we will eventually charge small fees to therapists to support ongoing maintenance of the service.

Brooke Dubler

Co-Director, MindFlex Assessments

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rochester

Jaci Rolffs

Research Associate

Ph.D. Candidate, University of Rochester

Next Steps...

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