Sample MindFlex Profile

This PDF provides an example of a baseline MindFlex profile with a detailed explanation of each dimension assessed.

Client Handout

This PDF provides an overview of the MindFlex assessment project from a client's perspective. We developed it to help therapists explain the project to clients.

MPFI Research Article

This PDF is the original research article on the MPFI that was published in Assessment in 2016.

The ACT Clinical & Research Community

The Association of Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) represents a community of thousands of therapists, researchers, clinicians and students dedicated to the practice and study of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) across the world.

The ACBS website contains a wide range of useful information, including:

  • Cutting edge research on ACT
  • Methods of obtaining training in ACT
  • Useful tools for ACT therapists & clients
  • Useful resources for ACT researchers