The Research Project

Are you seeing clients using ACT or Mindfulness-based interventions?

Clinical psychology researchers at the University of Rochester are looking for people to participate in a project developing an online service that uses a new scale (the MPFI; Rolffs, Rogge, & Wilson, 2016) to generate multidimensional psychological flexibility & inflexibility profiles for clients.

The MindFlex Assessment Project:

  • Is CONFIDENTIAL (your individual responses will not be shared)
  • Involves completing SHORT ONLINE FORMS
    • Takes you 5-10min to enroll as a therapist
    • Takes you 2-5min to enroll each client
    • Takes clients 15-20min to complete each assessment
  • MINDFLEX BASELINE PROFILES: Generates profiles for therapists, tracking client functioning on 21 dimensions
    • 6 dimensions of psychological flexibility
    • 6 dimensions of psychological inflexibility
    • 3 dimensions of global distress
      • Global inflexibility
      • Depressive symptoms
      • Anxiety symptoms
    • 6 dimensions of well-being
      • Composite flexibility
      • Vitality
      • Life satisfaction
      • Sense of own competency
      • Sense of connection to others
      • Sense of autonomy in own life
  • Includes an optional follow-up assessments
    • As often as each therapist finds useful
    • Clients & therapists automatically invited after 2 months
    • Takes you 2-5min to complete a request form for a client
    • Takes clients 15-20min to complete a follow-up assessment
  • MINDFLEX CHANGE PROFILES: Generates new profiles for therapists
    • Showing current levels of functioning on same 21 dimensions
    • Tracking clinically meaningful change



The First Step Starts with a Click

If you are interested in finding out more about the project and potentially enrolling as one of our therapists, simply click this button to get started.